Reinforcement Learning

Learning Conversational Action Repair for Intelligent Robots (LeCAREbot)

Lernen von konversationaller Aktionsreparatur für intelligente Roboter

Modeling a Robot’s Peripersonal Space and Body Schema for Adaptive Learning and Imitation (MoReSpace)

Modellierung des peripersonalen Raumes und Körperschemas eines Roboters für adaptives Lernen und Imitation

QMA: A Resource-efficient, Q-learning-based Multiple Access Scheme for the IIoT

Many MAC protocols for the Industrial Internet of Things, such as IEEE 802.15.4 and its extensions, require contention-based channel access for management traffic, e.g., for slot (de)allocations and broadcasts. In many cases, subtle but hidden …

Exploring the application of reinforcement learning to wind farm control

Optimal control of wind farms to maximize power is a challenging task since the wake interaction between the turbines is a highly nonlinear phenomenon. In recent years the field of Reinforcement Learning has made great contributions to nonlinear …